When Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) from 圣人Intacct was announced, every ICRW session at Advantage was sold out.  This didn’t surprise me.  This powerful tool in the hands of your financial accounting reporting expert will deliver incredible results.

What is Interactive Custom Report Writer?

圣人完整的ICRW 是现代的吗?, visual reporting tool that delivers ease and speed of report creation; an enhanced user experience; and the analytical tools to address complex reporting needs.

Interactive Custom Report Writer delivers a rich variety of visualizations that will allow you to drill, 主, and filter data easily.  When creating a report, you’ll be able to drag-and-drop columns and fields to create the report layout your team wants.  ICRW brings powerful Business Intelligence capabilities to operational reporting in 圣人Intacct.

Interactive Custom Report Writer Roles

More people need access to reports than want or need to create reports.  There are a variety of roles that come with ICRW including:

  • Business Users – Add, edit, delete and run reports
  • Employee Users – Only run reports
  • Project Manager – Add, edit, delete and run reports
  • 和更多的

There are several options available for report format including Adobe PDF format; Microsoft Excel format; Microsoft PowerPoint format; Data formats (CSV, 以制表符定界的, XML); and more.

With 圣人Intacct’s financial reports, you get the agility and flexibility to quickly slice-and-dice the details that matter to all key stakeholders: investors, 高管, 销售, 金融, and other departments. And when you have new questions, dive deeper with custom reports, dashboards, or visualizations. Reach peak performance with fast answers for confident decision-making.

If you have questions regarding 圣人Intacct Interactive Custom Report Writer – 大家一起说.  We love helping our customers get even more from software solutions.